Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's been a long time!

Wow. A lot–and I mean A LOT–can happen in two months.

I got a job and have had some interesting experiences. That's the short version. The long version could take an entire day to write about, so I will merely state it in list form.

August 7 - First day of work. I am dog-sitting for a friend in the morning and working a part-time job at night the entire week.
August 24 - My car fails the emissions test
August 28 - Broke my right foot
August 31 - My license plate expires
September 1 - Pre-Busy season starts at work
September 8 - While out painting pottery with a friend, I lock my keys in my car. We wait until nearly midnight for the locksmith. The good pottery people wait with us.
September 15 - My brakes make horrific grinding noise ... I take my car to the shop and convince my brother to let me borrow his Civic while he rides his motorcycle for a week.
September 18 - Busy season starts at work
September 21 - Get my car back from the shop.
September 22 - My Check Battery light goes on. I can't figure out why. After work, I go to Autozone and ask the guy to check my battery. It has full charge. My pottery-painting friend and myself decide to go to a movie in Nashville. Half-way there, my alternator dies. I have just enough charge to cross from the HOV lane to the side of the road. We wait two hours for the wrecker and then squeeze into it with two slightly scary truck operators we later nickname Chris Rock and Skanky Boy. We decide that we shouldn't hang out together on Friday nights anymore!
September 23 - My car died with the windows and moonroof open. It pours that night and morning. I still have damp carpets to this day. I get a rental car.
September 29 - I get my car back. It drives, but it stinks.
September 30 - I take the rental car back. And go to a kid's movie with my pottery-painting friend. We figure we're safe since it's a Saturday. The movie projector breaks twice during the film (of course!), but we score free tickets.
October 2 - The Official CRAZY Season starts at work. I need to figure out how to clone myself.

Which brings us to today, in which the most eventful thing that happens is I woke up an hour later than usual ... which would normally mean I would be late, but for me, who has been going in two hours early every day, it only means that I am a mere 30 minutes early, which I choose to use blogging for the first time in over a month, instead of prepping for the day. Hey, a girl can only handle so much.

But I still have to figure out how to squeeze three weeks worth of work into the next four days. We're THAT busy. You can't produce 80+ catalogs in a single month without being, well, swamped.

So, I'll write again later. But for now, I have to get back to work.