Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Days and Counting

In two days, I start my new job. This is very exciting! I took the drug test, signed the acceptance letter, and today I tried out the bus route, which I discovered not only stops to pick up commuters at my local grocery store (5 minutes from my house ... within walking distance, if need be), but also goes right past my new place of employment, should I need to take the bus on any day. What a relief! I've also gotten a couple of leads on carpooling, which would be the ideal situation, saving me almost 75% of my commuting costs.

I thank God for providing, and look forward to seeing what the future holds. I just pray I am a diligent and effective worker. I hope that I will grow to truly enjoy my work, and to nurture friendships with my new coworkers.

Currently, I am waiting for 12:15 to roll around, so that I may take the bus home again. I'm sitting on the second floor of the downtown Nashville public library, in its beautiful courtyard outside. A fountain is splashing merrily. Children are playing. Quiet people, like me, are sitting at umbrella-covered metal tables and reading or working on laptops. We are surrounded by marble and green shrubbery and flowers and trees and sunshine and serenity. This is my favorite spot in Nashville. I hope I will be able to come here often, as it is an easy walk from my new building.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I am now officially open for business on Etsy.com.

What an exciting time! I have been working toward the goal of owning my own crafty business for years. At last, I have a business banking account and checks, I'm registered with all the proper officials, and I have a an operational storefront. I'm so happy!

Right now, I have listed "Unique" and some buttons. I will be posting even more over the coming days. Soon, I hope to have not just buttons and a few collage pieces I've done, but also kits for paper collage, vintage ephemera, trims, and vintage tools.

As always, my focus is on re-using and upcycling. I can't wait to flesh out my little shop and start marketing to get the word out.

Which reminds me ... spread the word!