Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Poetry Month / Coffee Love

Oh Coffee! I won't 
ever quit you again. You 
are my one true love

-Kaila in Maine

(I concur.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Poetry Month / The right side speaks for itself.

I have a confession to make:

I bought a book of                    poetry
to share with you.
Hundreds of poems,
all unique,
all voices of the past and
present and full of what             is
cherished by English
professors                               everywhere.
I did not share it in time.
The month is almost over.
The only thing I have to
show for it is a new-found
appreciation for the poets
of the world.
And this post, which is a
nod to a form I saw in a
book last night. At Borders.
Called Crank.
It's about a drug user, but
I saw the two-poem in one
and fell in love.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Tattle / The Goat & The SUV

So Daniel was driving home from work last week, and he ended up behind a terrified goat, in a cage, on the back of an SUV. The poor thing huddled as close to the side of the SUV as it could in its wire cage.

I'd be afraid, too, if someone grabbed me, shoved me in a cage, and strapped the cage to the back of their vehicle and started down I-24. Sheesh. I mean, seriously, I-24 during rush hour is in itself scary enough!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Tattle

So, we have these new neighbors. Okay, they're not much newer than us, but for the life of me I can't figure out how many of them there are. At last count ... 2 very verbal dogs, 1 aloof cat, 3 redheads, 1 shirtless (and wordless) wanderer, 2 older men, and 1 baby. In a three bedroom apartment. We call it the clown house.

The shirtless wanderer sings meditative songs and boxes his shadow in the window at night after walking around sans shirt (and almost sans pants) with one of the dogs. He doesn't talk much.

Two of the redheads must be 60-something sisters. They have thick accents from somewhere cityish like Boston, or Milwaukee, or Brooklyn. One of them sits and feed the baby. The other one yells, "oh, shaddup!" to the vicious white ball of fur that threatens to tear our throats out every time we walk by. Yes, she says "shaddup," and that's how it's spelled. I'd say "shut up," but then, who am I to tell her how to talk?

The youngest redhead is haggard and worn out (from dealing with her clan and her baby, no doubt.) She wears loose, comfortable clothing, and I always have the impression she needs to go somewhere and is just in between places.

The two older gentlemen are chauffeurs, I think, and baby tote-ers. The baby is happily unaware.

As for the black cat? It comes and goes. Where to, nobody knows, and it's green eyes won't tell.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Mood

I've been pondering, of late. I feel a bit blah; a Premium-cracker blandish, flat 7-Uppish kind of stale bread blah. It's like a million colors of inspiration have swirled around in my head, poured out through my thoughts, and bled into the empty air.

Then I realized: the wedding is over. I don't have a project anymore.

The fluster and fuss and dreaming and scheming and budget-keeping is no more. I miss it.

I've read of this, before, in one of those bazillion emails The Knot or The Nest have sent me. They call it the post-wedding blues. Women actually MISS wedding planning. I would never have believed it three months ago when I was afraid I'd lose all my hair before I had a chance to walk down the aisle. All I longed for (other than finally being the Mrs. to my beloved Mr. B) was to have a NORMAL existence again. One in which the words "escort card" or "tulle" did not exist. Especially since I had worked so hard to AVOID using tulle in the first place.

I don't miss the stress. Heavens, no; I could never miss that. I was not what you'd call the most pulled-together bride. Planning, apparently ... NOT my forte, especially when other people are involved (or at least not for this Lone Ranger kind of schoolgirl to whom the words "group project" brought fear and trembling and much gnashing of teeth.)

Now, being creative for a purpose? That, my friends, I miss with all my heart. I miss creating an environment, a dream world, a tangible emotion. I even miss being "the bride," almost as much as I'm relieved I'm not one anymore! Not so much because I want the attention, but more because I had an identity that was recognized by many. For once in my life, I had been "somebody."

It's like having been the birthday girl for seven months straight and then realizing the birthday is over and you're just another year older. You're not particularly special. You're just another young (albeit married) woman again. Well, la-dee-dah.

I feel like I need to slip into another identity. To drive another dream-project into reality.

Or do I?

Could it be this longing is just ... my soul ... waiting to seek God with the same passion I sought after reception ideas and flowers in my budget?


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

National Poetry Month / Love That Dog

I can't get enough of this little book by Sharon Creech. You can read it in an hour, but it sticks with you.

Written in free verse, as a "diary" of an elementary school student, the story follows Jack and his experiences with poetry in class. He doesn't like poetry. Poetry is for girls. He said so in his required diary:



I don’t want to
because boys
don’t write poetr

Girls do.

Yet, somehow, poetry begins to grow on Jack. At last, he stumbles on the poem "Love That Boy" by Walter Dean Meyers (see first stanza excerpt, below), and it strikes a chord deep inside him. It makes him think of his dog, who died. From that point forward, Jack learns to cope with his grief and express himself through free verse. He begins to write about how he "Loves that dog," just like Walter Dean Meyers loved "that boy."

Walter Dean Meyers

Love That Boy

Love that boy,
like a rabbit loves to run
I said I love that boy
like a rabbit loves to run
love to call him in the morning
Love to call him
"Hey there, son!"

What do YOU love?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Work in Progress

Over the next few months, my new project is to change directions with this blog and turn it into something ... more. I'm still working on the details.

If things change or don't work, don't worry; it's all part of the process. I might change my mind a million times, but eventually I will have a working model.

The goal, just so you know, is to host the blog on our server and to park it under its own name. Which will probably change from Ruby Red Said to something more descriptive of my creative life and also something which will connect with more readers. I'd like to expand the blog into a site that has the capacity to showcase any products I'm working on, display tidbits of writing, and also explore the beautiful things that God has put all around us but we don't notice as much on a daily basis.

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

A Month In Celebration of Poetry!

This is Emily Dickinson. She's my favorite.

There is something pure about an Emily poem. Something unadulterated and poignant. Something that tugs at the thing with feathers that perches in my soul.

I stole this picture from a link at They, in turn,got it from Amherst College Library. I hope the good folks at Amherst won't mind me using it to promote a dear poet.

So why am I writing about Emily Dickinson? Simply, because it is April ... or National Poetry Month. My dear friend Joy and I decided to collaborate and each blog through the month by sharing our favorite poems, poets, and some of our own poetic works. We hope you will enjoy the endeavor, and perhaps discover a new favorite!

So hello, Joy's readers, and welcome! For my own faithful few ... you will love Living Life in the Shades of Gray, her blog, and her Wordless Wednesdays. (I want to see her somehow tie in photography and poetry!)

In parting, for now, I will leave you with the words that I have shared before, but will repost again, because of their timeliness and closeness to my dreamer's heart ... words Emily spoke nearly 170 years ago:

I ’M nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They ’d banish us, you know.
How dreary to be somebody!        5
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Sleeptalking Husband Barks and Chases Vampires!

I stretched, rolled over, repositioned myself, pummeled the pillow a few times for good measure, and was about to fall back asleep when Daniel began to bark.

Yes, I said BARK.

"Aaaarr rraaa raaa rraaa grrrrrr mmmb ah aaa baaaarrrrr."

Ummmm, what? I asked for clarification, which he gladly, mumbling, gave, "stop following me." What do you say to that? I just smiled to myself and let it be. I went back to sleep.

Only to be woken from a very deep sleep by this alarming sentence: "put Zoe down!"

What? What was wrong with my dog? I asked for more details. He mumbled something about pieces of her being carried away by vampires. He was apparently chasing them. Awwww. Good husband. Taking care of my poor, dismembered, doggy. How brave.

Have I mentioned I love this man? Endless entertainment. If ... a bit ... macabre this time around.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Crave

Candy colored accents, or gray and yellow graphical elements.

Lately, I can't get enough of these!

(Bird print from my wish list at Etsy, sold by seller mysunshinevintage and cool re-purposed vintage plates from Ninainvorm:)