Tuesday, June 13, 2006

now that's what i'm talkin' about

Unh-huh, ohhhh yeah.

Can I just say: zoning change?

Yep. The government has relented, and the house is no longer in the "flood plain." No insurance needed, my friends!

Now . . . if I can just get a grrrrrreat job!

(and, BTW, the closing date is now officially next Monday. I'm gonna move stuff in next week!)


punkinpieproductions said...

Congrats! More money for vintage decor and ruby red!

Heels said...

Where in middle Tenn?

I was born in Cookeville and my husband's relatives are in Hendersonville and part of my family is from Dickson.

andregirl said...

hey, heels!

Good ol' M-boro. Go big blue! I can't believe I'm actually nostalgic for the alma mater, but there you have it. But I have many friends in the area, and have never gotten over missing Nashville, which is just 30 min. to the north.