Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Short Synopsis

For my loyal readers, who know the whole story, let me clarify my current position:

1. CraftLuck is my newest venture. It's non-profit, and, as I mention in the previous post, grassroots.
2. Declaration Vintage is my business. I'm thinking of re-working the name and will explore selling indie-crafts along with my antique and vintage items more aggressively than I am now.
3. Ruby Red is my avatar/personna. This is my personal blog, the one with all the history. If you've read my posts since the beginning, then you know about my journey and how I've gotten here. (If not, start at the beginning!) Ruby Red is the writer, the vintage postcard collector, the crafter, the design enthusiast, the entrepreneur. Ruby Red is ... me.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Hi, Andrea. I like the ideas. I'm keeping up with your blog even if I might not get to be involved in the crafting. I'm still working on cross-stitch at a very leisurely pace. Send some stories my way when you get a chance please :-)