Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Week Until Destin!!!

I just realized that, as of today, I have only one week until my friends and I leave for Destin, FL over Labor Day weekend. Having not been to the ocean since I was 18 (nine years ago, but who's counting?), I am very, very excited.

We are packing up the van next Thursday evening after work and heading out into the night. We plan on arriving Friday morning, crashing for a few hours to catch up on whatever sleep we didn't get while on the road, and then relaxing at the condo or on the beach for the rest of the weekend.

We're all pretty laid back, so I don't think we'll do much site-seeing. The primary purpose of the trip is to be a Bible study retreat for my church's singles' group, but we'll probably also watch some movies, play board games, and eat out a few times. I do believe dominos will be involved at one point or another. Trust me—with my friends, that alone will take HOURS. We take our dominos seriously.

Now to go make my packing list ...

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Melinda_J said...

We leave in 3 days, 4 hours, and 36 minutes!!!!