Friday, November 16, 2007

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

After three long months. Wait. Is it November already? Make that FOUR long months, the busy season is finally winding down at the catalog company. Now it's panic time as we MUST have those lovely catalogs sent to their appropriate areas of the nation no later than Christmas. Factor in printing and binding and ink-jetting addresses and shipping and mailing and delivery times.

Yeah, we're pretty much going insane right now.

It's been a weird insane this week. Slow all morning, busy after lunch, and slammed by 4 o'clock, just in time to remind me I'm still not my own woman, I still don't get to go home and have a life, and I still have to stay past 5 or 6 or 7 to get it done. I'm not whining, am I? Why would I do that? I've only given my company 1/3 of my year.

And then, by Christmas, we'll be so bored out of our minds that I will beg for work to do.
Somebody please remind me to slow down and take the time to fill out my FAFSA before this month is over?

And to my dear, patient friends and family, I promise I'll hang out more again. Ali, I might actually make it to one of your hang-out-after-Sunday-night-church times at your place. Melinda_J, we should most definitely do another Starbucks, conversation, and prayer night. Crystal, you've seen me through most of this and bossed me lovingly back into sanity. THANK YOU! John and Aaron ... thanks for the laughs. Those wigs at the Murder Mystery were AWESOME! Mom (yes, I know you read this), I'll be home by this time next week. I LOVE YOU! And don't stress out over Thanksgiving. I'll help as much as possible, so you can rest and recoup.

So, guess what, everyone? Fun, not-so-stressed me is about to return! Hooray! (Who knew diamond rings, pearl necklaces, and extravagant bangles could be so exhausting?)


Rachel Baby said...

I know I don't get to see you often, but do know I am here for you!

Melinda_J said...

I'm in need for one of those nights too... call me any time!!!