Monday, January 07, 2008

Elliott & Morgen - January 5, 2008

So, two of my favorite stubborn people got married to each other on Saturday. As with any wedding, it had its miniature disasters (now I have a KT Tunstall song in my head!), but it was beautiful and joyful all the same. And now, they are off skiing on some excruciatingly high mountain somewhere for the next week.



Melinda_J said...

I heard something about forgotten flowers?? But this was naturally wedding stories from a boy's perspective (which made me constantly feel like I had to defend all northern people).

I want to hear about the wedding from a girl!!! =0)

Rachel Baby said...

Yes, I hear there were some northern traditions going on...and as MJ said, 'forgotten flowers.'

Hope you had a good few days away!