Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eeeetssss Gooood!

I broke away from life for a weekend and went with MJ, RachelBaby, Ali, and John (who doesn't exist online yet) to visit Aaron of Pursuing Pineapple fame in the natural state of Arkansas.

And oh, what fun we had! It was a weekend of quotes, board games, cooking, movies, and Sing-Alongs-With-Aaron time.

For four whole days, I was able to take the focus off of my own life and just chill with good friends. It was a welcome break from work stress (two people from my team quit, leaving me the only one who knows what's going on with a big new project).

I'll write more later, once we decide how to get our planned "Round Robin" blog up and running, but until then I have just a few things left to say:

"It's Good!" "Benny and the Jets." And ... "Yes! Respect for Self!" or "Tastes Like Liberty!"

Oh, yeah.

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Aaron said...

Yeah, Baby, Tastes Like Liberty!