Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet and Sour

- Early rising
- Art, art, art
- Several paintings in progress
- Colored buttons sorted
- Lovely bike ride
- Seeing my roommates--both!--at the same time when none of us were going in or out

- Healthcare insurance rejection letter--DECLINED!
- Frustrations
- Money worries
- Being a grown-up and having to handle this junk on my own

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kbg6709 said...

Andrea! I'm praying for you!!! :D Matt and I will be out of health insurance for at least 3 months after we get married and back from our honeymoon. The way Kroger works, you have to have 12 CONSECUTIVE weeks of working 38+ hours to get the benefits. But, unfortunately, our wedding/honeymoon interrupt that 12 weeks.... so he has to start all over again the week after the wedding. (He's worked there for a while, just not full time management) :/ It stinks, but things will work out!
I know some things seem dim right now, but everything will work out in the end and I know you know that!! :D I will pray for you anyways, though! Wish you all the luck with the job search! I know first hand how hard it it!!! let me know if I can help you!!