Thursday, March 04, 2010

It's 2am ... Do You Know What Your Husband's Talking About?

I am blessed; my husband does not snore.

He does, however, sleep talk. And turn on lamps and spin them on the nightstand while looking at them oddly, hoping to find the switch again, which has apparently disappeared.

With his permission ... nay ... encouragement ... I gleefully report these anomalies of his nocturnal habits to family and friends. The other day he said to me, "you should start a blog about this; we could make money off of it." Well, I don't know about that, but at the very least, I will blog here.

He has talked about getting tickets ... no, just one. To which I replied to my dear sleeping husband, "oh really, and where are you planning on going without me?"

He has talked about figuring out where to get rings. To which I replied to my dear sleeping husband, "honey, you already bought those."

He has talked about how he was broadcasting on the wrong channel. To which I replied to my dear sleeping husband, laughing so hard I woke him up, "yes, yes you are."

And last night, he began to remark something unintelligible. At first I thought he was mumbling about having seven mirrors. So I asked him for clarification. He responded back (still asleep, mind you!) that he had discovered seven errors in Windows 7.

Ah, yes. That's my husband for you. Always the geek. Always working out problems in his subconscious. Although when he's had time between work and setting up house to trouble shoot an entire operating system is beyond me.

Bottom line: he might wake me up in the middle of the night, but at least he keeps me entertained when he does!


Joy said...

amused... SO amused!! =o)

Joy said...
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