Friday, July 23, 2010

Everything seems possible on a Friday evening

Friday evenings are my favorite times to spend with my husband. We can go out and have an adventure or stay home and have a quiet evening of cuddling on the couch while catching up on older seasons of our favorite TV shows. We've gone to Subway, and we've gone to Sperry's on Friday nights. We've gone to movies and we've gone to theater. We've gone shopping, and we've gone running at the YMCA, but no matter what we do, typically we do it together.

I love Fridays because even if we stay up late, we can stay in bed late the next day without missing too much of our precious weekend. I love Fridays because it is such a great feeling to get through another day at work and then leave and know the next 48 hours are exclusively yours before you have to prepare to go back to work again. I love Fridays because Daniel usually telecommutes, and he's home at the same time as I am. We don't have to wait that extra hour to see each other. I love Fridays because the rest of the weekend is still ahead of us and everything seems possible.

Have I mentioned I love Fridays?

'Cause I do.

What do you love about Fridays?

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Joy said...

I've been mising my favorite thing about Friday's lately... It's knowing that I generally won't make plans, so I'll have a 'me' night and then I'll be able to sleep in on Saturday... although it could possibly be the sleeping in on Saturday that I dream of.

July has been too busy.