Sunday, June 12, 2005

happy birthday to me!

So, 25 years ago, back when the 80s had just begun and Star Wars was the biggest thing since sliced bread, I entered the world, kicking and screaming, and generally trying to get my own way.

I guess some would say not much has changed since then! :)

I can't believe I've already hit the quarter-century mark. To some, I am still a young'en, as they say here in Tennessee. To others, I'm ancient already. I mean, wow! She's twenty-five. She (insert gasp here), used to TIGHT ROLL HER JEANS at one time. She wore those funky sunglasses with the black lenses and frames and neon pink sides. She curled her bangs into a giant pouf on her forehead. Yikes. Like, totally gross! (Uh-huh. Just you wait. What goes around, comes around--heaven forbid!!!)

I'm just hoping that my auto insurance rates go down for when I renew in August.

Anyways, free virtual chocolate cake for all. Eat up!


kristin said...

happy belated birthday!!!

Stefani said...

Happy birthday!!!