Monday, July 04, 2005

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is such a precious thing that I, for one, take for granted every day.

And, as an entrepreneur, the ease of starting your own business, even with all of the red tape and taxes and regulations, is, when you think about it, completely amazing. Were it not for a few good people who went against the flow 300+ years ago (more, if you go back to Columbus!), we might not have the opportunity to be doing what we do today.

It's not all been good, and there are those even in our own lifetimes who have horribly misused this freedom.

But, despite it all, I'm still grateful to have the privilege to go about my own business (literally!), hold my own opinions, speak out with my own voice, and worship (or not) as my conscience sees fit.

So this is my "Thank You," to those who made it possible.

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