Friday, July 01, 2005

Yeeeeeee Hawwwww!

That got yer attention now, didn't it??? Yep. I thought so. :)

After work today, I walked down to the world-famous (OK, maybe not the WHOLE world, but at least anyone who reads HOW magazine) Yee-Haw Industries in downtown Knoxville. They are a letterpress company that has their shop in a storefront. The great folks of Yee-Haw even let visitors walk past the check-out counter into the actual workspace to watch them at work.

I walked down an entire wall of old wooden trays full of metal type and miscellany. It was fantastic!!! This was my first time ever in an actual shop atmosphere. I even got a mini-lecture on the workings of an "old Vandercook model" letterpress while the girl, roughly my age, was printing sheets of a light brown color paper with bright red ink.

I was in a letterpress-lovin' heaven! It only increased my desire to do the same thing one day (in my own style, of course!).

While at Yee-Haw, I even bought a couple of letterpress printed postcards. The first one reads "My Grass Is Blue", and the second one says "Knoxville Girl". You see similar products (although, unfortunately, not the exact cards I'm talking about) by checking out Yee-Haw for yourself at their website: Yee-Haw Industries.

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