Sunday, September 25, 2005

in light of recent posts . . .

Today is Sunday, a day I am normally pulling myself out of bed around 7 a.m. to get ready to go to the early worship service at my parent's current choice of church. This is not to say that doing so is a bad thing; in fact, I like their church. But it is small and I have yet to talk with anyone my own age. I'm not age-ist, mind you, I like to mix things up and chat with 75 year-olds and 7.5 year-olds alike, but it would still be nice to relax over a hamburger and Diet Coke and smooze with another "young professional." That being said, I have decided to continue my own hunt for a church by visiting Singles Bible Study classes in other places.

But today I am staying home, reading my Bible for the first time in a long time just for the sake of reading my Bible. No standing up and sitting down on cue, no singing of pre-selected songs, no smiling and nodding and shaking of hands as the choir comes down mid-service. Today I am just me, sitting quietly on the porch with my God. To some, Christianity is a process of religiousity and ceremonies based on tradition. For me, that is not enough. I need hear that Still Small Voice, to know that I am at peace, and that when the rest of my life is crazy and unpredictable and so wearisome, God is still at the center of my existence, keeping me from spinning out of control.

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Anonymous said...

I feel'ya... I currently live in Russia where finding an english speaking church is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Actually not that bad, there is only about 3 i know in the city of Moscow. My husband and I have visited 2 of them and find it hard to find one where we feel we are being fed. One of the problems is that they transalate from english to russian, back to english, back to russian... and by the time they get back to the english i forgot what they where talking about!
Of the two, we chose the one that we felt we could serve. We will be getting involved in an orphanage outreach- every saturday we they attend an orphanage and play with the kids for a couple of hours. Hopefully you can find a church you can be a part of. It sure makes me appreciate my home church back in California :)
ao (from paperpreneurs ;) )