Thursday, September 15, 2005

yes, i'm still alive

I'm a busy girl, again. For nearly two weeks now I've been waitressing at a tea room, as well as working some of the time preparing salads and sandwiches and such in the kitchen. Friday, I'll be starting a second part-time job at a large retail outlet store in the evenings. Sunday, I'll be going to the wedding of two good friends of mine.

Otherwise, my time has been spent shopping for some much needed clothing and makeup, and fighting the battle with fleas.

My poor Zoe girl is an outdoor dog with an itchy problem. I have done everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) outside of a flea collar (which I am buying ASAP) to keep my poor baby flea-free. I've dusted, squirted, combed, bathed, and had professionally groomed. I've even dusted the yard where she sits with Borax, which I have read in several places is a SURE THING to rid areas of fleas. Every time I think I have those little buggers whupped they come back with their friends and family. Unfortunately, she can't become a house dog (hair issues for household members). So I am stuck combing her and drowning the nasty critters in soapy water so they can't escape. My poor, poor doggie!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

front line for dogs.. you won't need a pet collar or baths or anything. gets in their skin. best invention ever.

:) pet or something like that has it v. discounted, like $15/mo.
keep up the great blog! :)

Stefani said...

Yeah, you need Frontline or one of those medications. We had a flea problem with one of our cats years ago and I read a lot about fleas. Surprisingly, for being so little, they can live forever under the worst conditions. Bastards that they are.

nat said...

frontline or advantage.
for some reason frontline wouldn't work for our dog. But advantage does!
once every month and thats it. Those little "hitchhikers" will be gone in a day! You can get it at petsmart.

Kathy said...

Definitely do the Advantage rather than a collar. My vet was telling me how those collars can cause something nasty. And whatever you do, DON'T get anything from Hartz. Their products have been shown to cause heart problems, seizures, etc. in the same animals they claim to help.