Saturday, February 25, 2006

dilemma update

Still thinking, still asking friends and loved ones for advice, and still praying ... but unless something literally drops from the sky to tell me otherwise, I'm 99.9% sure I'm going to decline the position.

This is because I found out that someone I know, whom I asked for advice tonight, has a family member who has worked at the particular company in question for over 20 years. The things she told me (from personal experience), about how the company is run and things the owner and management have been known to do, have me very concerned about the quality of the work environment. If even a small part of what she said is true, I am convinced that it would be a very bad move to accept the position they have offered.


Dear Monday said...

The position can't be that great if the company is paying lower-than-fast-food rate for a graphic designer. Glad you are leaning towards declining. Start Ruby Red!!!!! (I should talk, I'm going at a snail's pace myself.)

Tara said...

Have faith that something better will come along -- it will! Good luck :)