Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Wee Bit of Breakfast at Tiffany's

I am almost 100% moved into the new apartment. My roommate is great, and my Zoe-girl is loving her new life as an indoor pooch. I swear, it's like she dropped 10 doggie years in the past three weeks! She runs up and down the hall with puppy-like glee, plays soccer with her little pink ball, gnaws on her favorite chew bone, and has even played tug-o-war with me and her fleece chew toy.

As for me, I have finally begun to really decorate, just for the fun of it. My apartment is one of those strict no-paint places, so I had to innovate ... I hung black silky fabric with a black-on-black floral pattern across the longest wall and pulled the black picture frames with white mats from out of storage.

Taking my cue from a poster of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the fact that my old coverlet fell to pieces in the washing machine, I bought a stunning Tiffany's turquoise blue bedspread from Target. I acutally hunted down a Tiffany's ad in a bridal magazine and carried it with me through the bedding section to get the color right. My bedspread is a shade darker ... but who cares? The poster now resides above the head of my bed. Once I scrounge up some black-and-white print pillows, and possibly some round pink satin ones (for the fun of it!), I think the full effect will be quite stunning.

After getting the bedding right, I decided to paint, after all ...

A canvas, that is.

A co-worker had told me of this amazing art store in Antioch, TN–Jerry's Artorama. It is fabulous! I spent at least an hour just browsing around before I forked out some of my tax return money to get an easel and paint. I already had a canvas I had painted a very basic pattern on a few years ago, so I simply went home, assembled the easel, pumped an up-beat CD through my surround sound DVD system, picked up a brush, and had at it.

Several happy hours later, I had the background for my new piece of art. By the next day, I had completed it. It isn't going to win any awards or even ever see the light of a gallery, but I love it.

Fans of the movie will recognize what is roughly sketched in black paint across the right-hand side of my canvas. And the gold-leaf paisley and faucet are pure joy.

The effect is just so preeeettyyyyy. I am going to have to paint more gold leaf on acrylics. Any ideas?

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