Sunday, December 02, 2007

Melinda J + Franklin + Antiques + Christmas Shopping = GOOD TIMES!

Oh what fun it is to shop on warm December day ...

Melinda J and I hit up downtown Franklin for some girl's day out fun on Saturday. We've both decided to skip the mall scene and do all our shopping at small boutiques and online. We both scored some finds, but half the fun was the people we met and the odd antiques that cracked us up.

We met several babies who LOVE Melinda. Love her. They smile and coo and make funny faces whenever she walks by. It's like magic. We also met a fabulous lady from Austria who owned a shop in the Factory at Franklin. We met a lady who was telling a friend how she had scolded Miley Cyrus in Target for walking around without shoes on (only in Franklin! Oh how Nashvillians love their celebrity sitings ...), and we met an adorable older shop keeper who was wearing an oh-so-fashionable jacket and just beamed when we told her it looked great on her. We met a three year-old who tried to practice his kung fu skills on us with his beads for the Christmas parade.

So, here's what we took pictures of:

1) A real bronzed Adonis. Who wouldn't want this "antique" Greek god
to display hats and scarves so handsomely? (I laughed until my sides hurt and
I cried when I turned the corner and found this fella in an antique store).

2) A hat. Yes, this is a hat. Not a flower pot filled with silk flowers.

3) A ... I'm not even sure what to call this. But it's "antique" too.

Good times. Good times.

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Rachel Baby said...

I know you know this already, but that picture is in my grandparents' bathroom! :)