Sunday, February 03, 2008

Darling, Do You Love Me?

Prove it. Buy me an over-sized Teddy Bear from China holding a pink satin heart with a ridiculous amount a lace and poorly stitched words of endearment.

Try Wal-Mart. It'll make me even happier that you got a deal! Go to the front of the store and find these cheerful guys all lined up by the checkouts with care, in hopes that St. Valentine soon will be there ...

The SNL folks would be sooooo proud!

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Melinda_J said...


I saw those bears sitting and smiling when I was at WalMart yesterday and thought to myself: "Now that's a true symbol of love. Maybe I will meet someone who will feel that way about me someday"

Or maybe it was me having flashbacks to being a 10 year old... you never know...