Monday, February 25, 2008

Grad School, Hockey, Roommates, Life, and God

Well, I got my Economics professor to give us all an extension of time on our due date. He gave us from Friday until Sunday. Then, he gave us until Monday, due to a technical difficulty. I really needed that extension. I've now completed part of 6 out of 10 questions, after having spent about 13-15 hours of work this week alone on the homework. I feel like I can complete at least two more, and add the excel diagrams to the homework before the deadline tomorrow night. But I am worried about the quiz, since I have expended all my energy on the homework, which is on one topic, while the quiz is on another entirely. This is what drives me crazy about that class! It is so scattered ... ahh, but I *do* feel better about it, in the long run this week. That is an improvement, to say the least. I actually learned quite a bit.

On Thursday night, I went to a Predator's game in Nashville and watched with excitement as the game went from BORING to EXCITING, all the way into the anti-climatic shoot-off that gave the game to the Canuck's in the last seconds. There was a fight in the middle of the second period. Blood was on the ice for the rest of the game.

In other news, my roommate and I interviewed another girl today to share the house. We're so used to each other that it will be a little strange to have a third girl around, but we will get used to it. Splitting the utilities will be nice. We'll be able to afford more reliable Internet access than our nice neighbor's free wi-fi access, which is usually a very weak signal.

Speaking of signals, I'm trying to figure out my life ... again. I'm asking God to show me which direction to go. There's been some interesting developments lately that have influenced my perceptions of the present. Work is getting increasingly frustrating as I become more and more adept at doing more in less time. I've essentially worked myself into a corner: I can't grow, and I can't leave. Meanwhile, I've been re-assessing my school situation (is an MBA really the way to go?) and my roommate and I are both questioning whether or not we want to even live in the Nashville area past this year. Jobs in non-health care or educationally related fields are shockingly hard to come by.

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