Saturday, February 12, 2005

research, research, research

I'm researched out. As a former library worker, I know just where to find what I need to know. Small Business information? 658. Graphic Design? 736. Papermaking? 702. Computer application manuals? 006.

The problem is, I've read all I can get my hands on for free, and now I just need to START already! I need to pick up the Thomas Register and look for printers in my area, and pre-press houses, and paper suppliers. I need to go to city hall and register my business name. I need to get wholesale accounts so I can prove to other businesses that Ruby Red really exists. I would love to go to the National Stationery Show just as a browser this year, to see what is out there, but I know that isn't feasible for me at this point.

Sometimes I just feel so inadequate and presumptuous (is that how you spell it??). Who am I to break away from a traditional career track just out of college and claim that I will start my own business? Am I brave or just plain foolhardy? Why should I have the freedom to express my creative side when thousands of other designers are just as frustrated by corporate culture as I am?

Yet the desire to own my own business, to design my own designs, and to live the life I've dreamed about since that first entrepreneurial venture at age six--this is the desire that drives me, that won't go away, that tells me to swim against the flow and dare to be different.

So I am.

In the meantime, I'm researching away. That business plan won't write itself.

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