Friday, February 18, 2005


Last day.

I'm getting so bored I just cleaned the windows (one side of my office is all window). I've already dusted the shelves, tidied the files, renamed my computer hard-drive, and archived everything I could think of. I should probably make a list this afternoon of where everything is in the filing cabinets and drawers. That should take, what, an hour? Great. I still have four more to get through today.

This is the first job I've ever had in which the last day was basically a formality. Let's see . . .

1st job: Public Library. Had to check in and check out books for patrons, shelve books, and eat my good-bye cake. I was 19.
2nd job: Banquet server at a hotel. Had to serve drinks, pick up plates and silverware, clean dining room and kitchen. I was 19 1/2.
3rd job: Same Public Library as 1st job. Had to do same check in/out/shelving plus organize files of program I ran. I was 21.
4th job: Caterer at colleg. Set up, tear down, clean up. Leave late at night. I was 22.
5th job: Paint-you-own pottery store staff. Help painters, clean up, lock down store. I was 23.
6th job: Small book publisher. I just created a TIFF image of a cover for the marketing manager, and I'm done. I'm 24.

Goodness, I've gone through a bunch of jobs in the past five years, but keep in mind that some over-lapped as part-time jobs. And this doesn't even count my summers as a volunteer camp counselor!

Well, time to go. As of this afternoon, I'm unemployed, and I can't die, because I don't have life insurance.

That's a lovely note to close this post with!


the Printed Princess said...

Good luck on your paper venture! I will so enjoy reading about it!

Blue944 said...

Red...are you out there? What is going on with the new life?