Friday, October 14, 2005

t-shirt designs

OK, so they're not exactly stationery, but, as a graphic designer, I can hardly ignore t-shirts. And I have a GREAT idea for them. It's a niche market (book lovers/literary types) and I'm just chock full of designs and catch phrases.


Stefani said...

Go for it!!

. said...

t-shirt designs. i used to be a rehab counselor and i got the bright idea one day to invent a "game shirt". (i was always trying to think up novel craft-type ideas that my clients could create and possibly sell, so they could make a little money). anyway, tell me what you think. in fact, i'm too lazy to develop it, so you can have it for free. unless it makes you rich, then i want half. (jk)

it's a "hoody" or a big sweatshirt with front pockets. the front of the shirt has at least 4 buttons in a square or rectangle. you design a boardgame on another piece of matching/complimenting fabric and button it on the front. the game pieces are stored in a sewn-in pouch hidden in the front pockets.

it's fashon!
it's a game!

it''s..well, i never came up with a name. but i could see this being a big item with kids and women. (think:LOOOOOOONG car trips in the back seat as an 8 yr old). i don't think many men would buy it, unless the game was extremely fun. like darts.

say, that adds a whole new demension i hadn't thought of! you may want to include some bandaids in the other pocket.

so speaketh the lump