Monday, July 10, 2006

feeling better

I had a heart to heart with my mother last night (yes, you! I know you read this, Mom!) and a few things she said to me really wiggled down deep and made me think. Specifically, she emphasized that it is easy to believe lies about ourselves. I never really thought about that.

How often do I believe the lie that I am not "good enough" at what I do or who I am? Much, much too often. That lie gets me down in the dumps, so to speak, and keeps me mired in the past when I should be standing in the present and preparing to soar into the future.

Do you ever believe that lie? That dirty, filthy, stinking lie?



punkinpieproductions said...

Ya, sometimes I have negative moments, but I quickly dismiss that. Here's some more advice for you..."Don't worry about things you can not change". That can be life altaring if you apply it.
Just send a resume.. you never know.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andregirl, it's Stef, from Verla's Blueboard. You have a wise mom! Even better, you took her advice to heart and shared it to help others. I prayed for you this morning after reading this entry last night. I thought about answering the wish you made over there, but I'll respond to it here: You will meet Prince Charming. He's waiting to meet you, too. Pray for him in the meantime, even though you don't know him. A girl I know prays for her future husband, whom she has not yet met, each time she finds a penny. She saves the pennies in a pretty box and will present it to her husband on their wedding day. Imagine their joy!