Friday, July 07, 2006

ten days

Ten days? Can it be? In ten days I will be moved into my new home.

I almost can't believe it is really happening. I'm excited, but scared stiff at the same time. Funny how money just seems to fly out the window in times like this ... and I don't even have a real job out there yet! Oh, what on earth am I thinking? I must be insane. Didn't I say all along I couldn't move unless I had a job? So what am I doing now? (Insert silent scream here!)

I have to call the store I'm transferring to out there and let the manager know the transfer is complete and then beg for hours. Then I have to get out there and knock on doors until I get permenant employment somewhere.

Meanwhile, I've been so distracted and frazzled and tired (all these trips out to the new house to move things little by little are starting to fatigue me) that I've missed the deadline for two bills by a few days (aaaaack!) and I've done little but operate on automatic survival mode. No blogging, no forum chats, no email conversations with old friends. Not even phone calls to more than a couple of people! It's crazy.

I'm crazy?

Dunno. But I do know this: the next couple of weeks are going to be nerve-wracking!

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Mom said...

Trust the Lord; it will all work out. We love you and we're praying for you and we're rooting for you.