Tuesday, July 18, 2006

new timezone, new life

Well, I made it. I've moved 90% of my things to the new house, none of which is really quite unpacked at the moment. I have piles of clothing spilling out of trash bags (really, that's the best way to move clothes, I've found. You can shove the bags into the strangest spots, thereby increasing your car's load capacity!). I have books on the floor, important papers in numerous RubberMaid containers, and job hunt stuff everywhere.

I did manage to take the time last night to clean up the kitchen. I love my brother, but he just doesn't seem to grasp the concept of "you take it out, you put it back." So I bought dish detergent for the dishwasher (which he forgot we had), did the dishes, wiped down the countertops, and bagged the trash. The rest of the house can stay disorganized for the time being, but I absolutely must have the kitchen and living room in order. We've already had several friends over to hang out at the "new pad", and I just think the place should look, if not presentable, then at least as neat as possible under the circumstances.

This morning I got a visitor's parking pass to my alma mater, so I can abuse the FREE printing privileges at the college library! I got to park in the faculty lot directly behind the library, and I felt so smug. So, right now, I'm typing this blog post in the computer lab. Soon, I will print out the pages of job listings and company research I've done in the past hour.

Next up, I'm debating whether to call the HR department of a job lead I got from a friend, or to just go ahead and walk into the office with my resume. Then, I'm going to trek over to the local employment office and see what's listed there. Finally, I'm going to drop off a generic administrative resume at the temp agency to which I applied a couple of weeks ago, though I doubt I will get any positive leads from them.

But first: an early lunch. Then, I'll change into my suit, just in case the resume drop off at the bank results in an interview. This afternoon, I might even pick up a few applications to restaurants or PT retail positions.

Thank goodness, I got my transfer completed yesterday to the local branch of my Big Retail Store. I start work tomorrow, so at least I'll have a little money coming in.

This evening, folks, I plan to rest. Maybe unpack and clean a little.

By the way--it is HOT out Nashville way. The heat index is in the 100's, and my poor car's air conditioning is on the fritz ... I never get more than 30 minutes of cold air, so I have to use it wisely. Needless to say, I've been sweating more than my fair share.

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