Thursday, September 06, 2007

I just walked out of Best Buy and into the 21st Century

I bought a laptop. Or, more correctly, I owe Best Buy $713 towards said laptop.

I am currently sitting in Panera and rejoicing that I no longer have to get up super early just to be able to get to work and sneak in some personal computing time. Woo hoo! Hopefully, my blogging will be more frequent, and I'll be able to once again have fun on sites like my favorite forums and blogs ... without shame. ;)

Still getting used to this keyboard, though. It's an HP, not an Apple, and it's a laptop, not a traditional keyboard. The shift key is too small! I keep hitting enter, instead of SHIFT.


Oh, this is too much fun!


Melinda_J said...
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Melinda_J said...

YAY!!!!!! Congratulations on your new purchase!! I wish I had a new laptop, mine is very antiquated! =0) Have fun computing...