Wednesday, September 12, 2007

When I Grow Up

I want to live in a real house with a real dining room and a real dining room table and an extra bathroom just for guests. I want to clean my kitchen and have that be my job and not my headache. I want to dust just for the fun of it.

I want to hang out on the back porch and enjoy my yard. I want to have somebody plant beautiful gardens around the house, but they'll have to take care of them, too, because I don't have a green thumb on either hand. Not even a green pinky. I kill plants, so as a rule I avoid contact with them—I love flowers too much to see them needlessly die!

I want to cook and have people eat what I cook. I want to drive to the grocery store in the middle of the afternoon and shop when the lines are short.

Wouldn't that be grand? To just LIVE?


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