Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back From Chicago!

I couldn't wait ... Walgreen's developed my pictures today, right after coming home. Unfortunately, they didn't do the best job. And I didn't take the best pictures to begin with. But some did turn out well, so here's the cream of the crop.

The Chicago Sign by Day ...

... and Night.

MJ Looks Out Over the Chicago River.

"The Bean"

"The Bean" Up Close

The Fountain Face in the Park

Outside the Lego Store

On the Bridge ... The Tamest St. Patty's Day RevelersMJ and RubyRed on the Train


Aaron said...

Looks like you had fun. An artist friend of mine just mentioned the "bean," so I totally loved your photos!

Rachel Baby said...

awh! looks like you two had a wonderful time! great pics!

Melinda_J said...

We need to go back in the summer sometime so you can see the fountain face in action!!