Monday, March 24, 2008

Gary, Indiana

GARy INdiANa / Gary INdiana /Gary IndianA

It's a bit of a song from "The Music Man"—you know, that musical with the infamous 76 trombones?

For over a year now, I have unconsciously collected phrases that can be sung to this tune. I don't know why. There is no reason. I am just strangely and inexplicably bemused whenever I find one. I discovered a new one today ... chicken quesadillas. It was very exciting.

So, that brings me to:

Elbow Macaroni
Denver, Colorado
Fargo, North Dakota
Chicken Quesadillas

Can you think of any others for my collection?


Mom said...

How about "Supper's on the table." Boring, I know.

rubyred the one and only: said...

No, that's fun!

And I just found another ...

Google Analytics.

Aaron said...

?CSI Miami?