Sunday, March 30, 2008

Notes to Self

-Schedule GMAT? GRE? Neither?
-Austin Peay? Search for other business communication master's degrees?
-Ethnography? Why couldn't I have discovered it earlier?

-Coming up: March 31, BLAW test; April 8, ACCT Exam #4; April 14, BLAW test; April 17 BCEN Long, Formal (12-pg) report due + Cover Letter & Questionnaire; April 28, BCEN Final Exam AND BLAW Final Exam; April 29, ACCT Final Exam

-Work out 5x this week. Or else.
-Look into that online craft/vintage shop idea. Sounds cool.
-Start a new collage. Actually plan this one.
-Set up an Etsy account
-Organize garage
-Fix car windshield
-Vacuum car (including trunk)
-Take Claritin every day
-Where on earth is that library book? Find it.
-Before school is out, go to the music building and enjoy a lazy afternoon of playing on a keyboard in one of the cool sound rooms. Maybe even buy new sheet music to try out.

-Read the Bible. Repeatedly.
-Pray for friends, family, yourself. Daily.
-Do something silly at least once a week.
-Don't stress.

-Focus at work. No, really. FOCUS. Even when there's nothing to do ... make something up and work at it with all your heart.
-Which reminds me: fish around to see if I should start shopping for some trade-show clothing for the end of May at JCK (booth, dinners, after parties). Get a "cocktail" dress that is decent.

-Free weights and Sit ups. 'Til it hurts.
-Write at least 3 chapters of SFAIG.
-Get a haircut/dye job. It's about time. Last one was, what? December?
-Get a manicure. Just 'cause.
-And a pedicure wouldn't hurt, if you've got the cash.
-Try the tanning salon to clear up skin for summer?
-That's enough girliness for now. Now, go read a Psychology book or something. Improve your mind.

-Don't Panic. (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Reference!)

Bonus Points: Be Extraordinary!

And remember ... try to do at least 6 impossible things before breakfast!

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Mom said...

Well, get to it girl! And tell me about SFAIG sometime.