Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Grand Surprise!

It's been fabulous.

Mom and Dad knew that Uncle C and Aunt G were coming down from Pennsylvania for Easter. Aunt G then called me and asked if I could make the 4-hr trip out from Nashville; I said, sure!

So, when I knocked on the door and hit from the peep hole on their front door yesterday afternoon, my Dad answered with a puzzled expression on his face, which turned immediately to shock and he jumped--yes, JUMPED in surprise.

Surprise #1.

I then went to Arby's with Uncle C and Aunt G to go pick up salads and see my youngest brother, Kevin, who was working behind the scenes. I asked the girl at the front if I could talk to Kevin. She tells another girl to get him. When he peaks his head around, his face is shocked. We hug across the counter (all of his coworkers are watching with undisguised interest. Kevin is hugging a GIRL.)

Surprise #2

Then ... Sunday morning Elliott and Morgen sneak in and fall asleep in the living room before anyone else gets up. They had driven from Connecticut overnight. When Dad and Mom saw them, Dad went practically speechless, and Mom, well, let's just say there were tears of joy.

Surprise #3

It was worth every minute of the homework I wasn't able to do.

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Rachel Baby said...

Awh, wow! What a happy Easter! :)