Friday, August 20, 2010


I admit I've been feeling a little lost without my friends lately. We're still settling in here in Nashville, so the majority of our good friends live either out of town or out of state. Getting an opportunity to spend time with them is precious. So this week has been a blessing, indeed!

Last night we had friends over for dinner. This sounds pretty normal, except this was a milestone for Daniel and me! This was the first time we had had dinner guests over for the sole purpose of hanging out, eating, and enjoying each other's company. I believe we've housed and fed my dad and brother on a couple of occasions, but this was an actual dinner party. I sent out a text invitation, it was accepted, and we scurried about to clean up the house enough that our guests would feel at home despite the row of packing boxes and miscellaneous furniture lining the back wall of the very dining room in which we ate our food.

It was even more special since we not only got to see one of my best friends (and a former bridesmaid in our wedding), but also her new boyfriend, whom we hope to see again soon. The four of us enjoyed a laid-back meal and hilarious conversation, and I relished the opportunity to use our kitchen to be all domesticated and cook stuff for four people. (Daniel helped clean, washed dishes, took the trash out, and changed out the toilet paper roll in the bathroom for me. And he made some awesome coffee.) It was a wonderful, relaxing evening, one I hope to repeat soon.

Tomorrow, we'll get to hang out with another friend who is a fellow theater fan. We're heading out to Centennial Park for Love's Labor Lost, this year's Shakespeare in the Park production. I can't wait! Daniel and I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to attend this free production, so when our friend suggested it, we didn't require too much convincing!

And then there are the friends I haven't gotten to see this month, but I have had the sincere pleasure of holding conversations via email. I adore a good email conversation for those moments at work when you just have to get your mind off of things for a minute or two. It makes my day!

So glad for our friends. They make life sweeter!

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