Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Nashville Sunday Adventure!

Daniel and I went exploring on Sunday. We realized we hadn't gone past a certain point on the road we travel to get to our YMCA and so we traveled down it a little further. I was expecting perhaps a gas station or mini-mart, but what we discovered instead was a pleasant surprise. Not even 15 minutes from our house are two famous tourist attractions! Can you guess what they are from the pictures?

First, we saw Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre (note to self: must go to a show sometime soon, so we know what we'll be subjecting visitors to in the future), and then a short ways down the road was none other than the famous Loveless Cafe! I couldn't resist the pull of the old motel sign, or the promise of little quaint shops that surround the cafe. Daniel humored me and pulled into the only parking spot we could find and then--holding hands and feeling a bit like tourists--we browsed the Trace Bikes shop, Ruthie Cherrie Fine Art gallery, and, much to my delight, a second branch of one of my all-time favorite gift and oddities shops, the Curious Heart Emporium, where you can pick up Robot Monkey tissues (or was it Monkey Robot?) that are guaranteed to wipe snot from your face. After all, it promises to do so on the packaging, and packaging is always true.

We finished our exploring with a quick look around the Loveless store. We didn't purchase any of the country ham, honey, or spiced tea mixes. We did, however, walk out the door with a delicious root beer and the first Dr. Enuf drink that I had seen since living in East Tennessee. I think it has a new fan--Daniel, who had never heard of it before!

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