Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surf City, Here We Come!

We have an exciting event ahead of us. My cousin and her fiance are getting married at last, after a long engagement that spanned the length of our marriage, engagement, and some of our dating, as well! I'm so happy for her and him. They're a wonderful couple, committed Christians, and just all-around great people. Her smile and outgoing nature wins anyone over, and his witty sarcasm makes me laugh every time. I've only met him once, but I could tell he had won over our entire family instantaneously.

En route to their wedding in Southern California, I'll get a chance to spend time with my own hubby on a mini-vacation, and to enjoy the company of my father and youngest brother who will be enjoying the vacation with us. We're going to hit up IKEA (yay!), the beach, quaint shops, a pier, and hopefully some tourist-y places, as well. In the midst of the fun, we'll stop to celebrate their love in a cool 73 degree evening. Hooray! Relief from the Southern heat, at last!

Have I mentioned I'm excited? 'Cause I am. A lot.

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