Sunday, March 06, 2005

128 sketches later . . .

So I didn't make it to 200; that's okay, I'm sure I'll be sketching more!

I went on an expedition to browse bookstores yesterday and ended up haunting the shelves of Barnes & Nobles for over three hours. They had a wonderful selection of design books, as well as extensive craft, book binding, and papermaking section.

I left feeling recharged, if a little poorer, since I ended up taking home several of the books I browsed through while in the store. As it was, I sacrificed a Grande Decaf Latte at the coffee shop so I could bring home this book.

I also found several computer application reference manuals that I wanted to bring home, but seeing as I haven't yet saved up enough $$$ to buy Photoshop or Illustrator for myself, I decided to forego purchasing any how-to books at this time.

Instead, I'm going to continue to work on my logo design. Once I've perfected it, I'm planning on sending it here to be made into a seal and embosser.

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Stefani said...

Oh, I love wax seals! Reminds me of childhood, back when we wrote letters to our friends on paper.