Monday, June 16, 2008

Agree With Obama? Shocking!

An interesting thing to come out of this insane presidential race: I agree with a staunch Democrat about at least one thing about this country's foundational makeup.

Kids need Dads, regardless or race, religion, creed, or political bent.


brooklyncs said...

"But Mooooommmm I don't want to agree on anything with that man!"

Just kidding. There's probably more we agree with Obama on seeing as how he professes Christianity, but I'm guessing there's so much more that we disagree with. I guess there's common ground between everyone on some level...

Except Hillary Clinton. No common ground there. There can't be. If you tell me different I'll give away your dog before you get home.

Mom said...

Politicians will say whatever they need to to look good and get elected, including things we could all agree on, such as fatherhood. As for Christian faith, joining a church to appear mainstream does not mean a person believes in Jesus and the Bible. Particularly if the church one joins is very liberal (ie throws out the Bible on nearly everything, denies Christ's deity, etc) Myself, I am very skeptical about charming, charismatic politicians who know how to say all the right things and can put a spin on anything unfavorable. I don't trust preachers who act the same smooth and slicjk you can't pin a thing on them.

MJ said...

And let's be honest, Obama may "profess Chriatianity" but yet he refuses to be sworn into office on anything other then the Koran.

Christian... sure... and Zoe's really a parrot.

I probably shouldn't say that considering only God knows the truth in our hearts, but he shows no reality of Christ in his life. Clinton was photographed with his Bible at church often during the Monica scandal... does that make him a Christian?

Again, no more then Zoe is a parrot.