Thursday, June 05, 2008

Luddites Unite!

(Image of print from Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee)

I think I am becoming something of a Luddite.

It started with my fascination with letterpress printing. It popped up in my realization that I dislike the scrapbooking industry because it feels too commercialized and fake compared to spur-of-the-moment collages and old fashioned journaling. Then it became clearer as I avoided fancy cell phones that did everything except make the perfect cappuccino in favor of plain jane flip phones that acted and felt like real phones.

Give me an apple over apple-flavored juice any day. Let me write on paper so I can avoid staring at a screen. Share a laugh with me in the open air. Go to the symphony before you buy the CD.

Be real. Be free. Be Luddite.


Mom said...

I'm one too! But you already knew that. Are you telling me that you might actually be more in harmony now with your parents thinking circa 1995 than you were back then, when our attempt at being do-it-yourselfers led us to Tennessee in the first place?

rubyred the one and only: said...

I refuse. I can't work for a cell phone company and be a Luddite. You must move along at least in that sense...
You've already failed at being a Luddite (I say as I type this on your computer trying to rack my brain for likely places that you put your iPod.) I will let you resist parts of technology, but I really wish we could buy a robot to do the dishes. Wait, that would be bad. Water + robot = probable disaster.