Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gas Prices Hit All-Time High; My Wallet Hits All-Time Low

Just a shot from yesterday's USA Today front page. In case you hadn't already heard, we've set a new record—the average price for regular unleaded is now $4.02 nationwide. Here in the Nashville area, it is hovering around $3.94-$3.99.

The other day I was reading about the highest commuter gas costs per day by city. I think the average high was $6.50 a day per commuter. I spend $10. That beats out L.A., Houston, and Chicago!

I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to afford coming to work. I've already cut out the majority of entertainment expenses. Next up will be to cut out all eating out, despite the fact that I tend to spend less on food when I do (since I generally split all meals into at least two portions, and don't waste anything).


MJ said...

I think you beat out Chicago because most people actually in Chicago walk to work, and most people in the suburbs who work in Chicago take public transportation!

I miss public transportation.

Rachel Baby said...

I would love some public transportation! :)

I can't say too much, since I only drive 3-4 days a week. It can be up to 5, like last week. It's not the prices for me right now - it's the fact that I'm tired of driving(6 years now). Ugh! :)