Monday, June 23, 2008

Random Things I'd Like to Do One Day

- Own and drive a completely refurbished old convertible. You know, the kind that they drove in the 1930s or something.
- Take my picture standing just inside a bright red covered bridge somewhere in New England.
- See New York City with somebody who knows his/her way around.
- Make art in Portland, Oregon.
- Go shopping in Savannah, Georgia.
- Pet a monkey ... you know, one of those professional dancing monkeys, with the cute little hats and jackets.
- Watch a monarch migration in progress.
- Dress up like a pirate. And go somewhere totally non-piratey. Like, I dunno, Cracker Barrel. Or the Washington Monument.
- Win at dominoes.
- Invent a board game that becomes a national phenomenon. Retire rich.
- Speaking of games, I'd like to buy a high-quality croquet set and actually use it. On a manicured lawn. While the hedgehogs watch.
- Read Les Miserables. And like it.
- Drive across the country.
- Walk into an airport, randomly buy a ticket, and go. No luggage.
- Have a perfume named after me.
- Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


MJ said...

Can I go to Portland? I want to meet Donald Miller... I'm a fan.

What do you have against other monkeys?

Want to dress up like a pirate and go to Outback for my birthday tomorrow?? I'd love it! I really am a pirate, you know... aaarrrggghhhhh...

You could probably beat me at dominoes

Do you want to play croquet, or play croquet with the queen of hearts?

I've been reading Lew Miserable for a couple of years... haven't gotten very far. But I have this theory and maybe you'll be interested... My broterh read Les Miserables while laying in a hammocl on a beach in Mexico for a week or two. It was just north of Cancun and cost him $5 a night... you in??

Any of the travels you want to take... I'm totally in!! Random or planned... let's go!

Aaron said...

I can't offer croquet, but we can try to play petanque again (maybe for more than 10 minutes). The lawn won't be manicured, but I'll verbally notify you if you're near dog poop...

brooklyncs said...

Read Les Mis. It's highly overrated when it's not in musical form or performed by Liam Neeson.

I have an eye patch in my room, as well as a miniature stuffed parrot. We could totally do the pirate thing.

I have an amazing SUV that would be lots of fun to drive cross country provided we win a lifetime supply of gas.

You, me, Joy, Rachel: Bath Junkie. We will draw names out of a hat, create things and name them for each other. We will then give the perfume to the person we drew from the hat. (You get the idea, I detail it to death.)

You, me, rented convertible driving to New England. We'll find the bridge when we get there.