Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pop vs. Soda

Forget whether or not to vote Republican or Democrat this year. The real burning question is whether that carbonated beverage you are drinking is a Pop or a Soda?

Vote today.


Aaron said...

I drink "coke," so I'm feeling a little disenfranchised by your blog's obvious (and likely intentional) omission of my preference!

brooklyncs said...

I drink Dr. Pepper, which I classify as a "soda."

I specify. I don't drink Coke, and Pop is a noise or nickname for a dad or grandfather. That is all.

And Republican.

Mom said...

Soda. Afterall, isn't it the bicarbonate of soda that gives it the fizz? Of course, my ancient grey matter may have the chemistry all wrong.

MJ said...

It's POP!!!!! Totally pop.

And just because I've lived in the south for 4 years, it doesn't mean I'm going to change what I call it... It's been pop to me for almost 28 years!