Monday, April 18, 2005

and here I thought we tried to *prevent* monopolies!

This just in: Adobe has bought Macromedia. They're saying they want Flash capabilities and are interested in mutual growth, but I personally don't see how this isn't a little too Bill Gates-ish politicking for me. After all, a buyout is the perfect silencer!

But, according to this story at, "Adobe Chief Financial Officer Murray Demo said in an interview last month there are 'too many software providers out there chasing too few dollars.' He said 'customers basically want to have fewer relationships with software vendors.'"

The article further said that "the Macromedia purchase, Adobe's biggest-ever takeover, brings together two 'complementary' products."

Ummm, let me see: what's left? A sudden coup of the QuarkXPress stronghold? Are we consumers so terribly confused that we can only buy software from a single company?

I'm insulted.

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