Friday, April 22, 2005

plain vanilla is a-ok with me

I went to the second interview, took a design/computer "test" in Quark, and was ushered into the VP's office by the Assistant Graphics Manager (my first interviewer) to get asked a few more questions and then, without any warning or warm-up small talk, offered the job. I accepted!

True, it's not as much as I made at my last job. I'm going to have to really get creative with my budget. But I think I'm going to enjoy working with the rest of the staff—all 7 of 'em. Met all but two yesterday.

On the way home I did a take two on my vanilla milkshake celebration. I got vanilla this time and savored every bit of it. It's kind of a metaphor for my new job, I think. I had the "strawberry" prestige job fresh out of college, but it ended up being too rich for me, with little chunks of strawberry that got stuck between my teeth and didn't taste as good as I thought it would. Now I'm going into my plain-vanilla job and, yeah, vanilla might be boring, but it's predictable and yummy. Here's to plain vanilla, as both a job and a dessert!


Stefani said...

Congratulations! Is this close to where you'll be moving to?

andregirl said...

Well, 30-45 minutes away, depending on route taken and traffic. Close enough! (Of course, the *ideal* commute is zero . . . but I can't have everything. :)