Tuesday, April 26, 2005

thinking about that long commute

I found a cute Cape Cod for an absolutely incredible price not even 15 min. away from The New Job. Gorgeous inside pix with white mantle over fireplace, french doors between living and dining rooms, little "chandelier" in front foyer, and hardwood floors throughout. All this, and only a hop, skip and jump away from interstate ramp. Amazing.

Then I did my research.

Let me just say, there's reasons it's so cheap.

1) Somebody posted the inside pictures to an entirely different house on the "more pictures" tab. It's not as cute as I thought. Sure, it still has hardwood floors, but they're underneath carpet. Yep, it's a cutie, but it needs a bunch of TLC.

2) The road that runs by it is my New City's drug and prosititution corridor. Oh joy.

Serves me right for looking into buying a house before I've even started the job (or have down payment $$ saved up! It's just that I timed my commute today … and found out I had misjudged the time and distance. I'm going to have a MINIMUM of a 45 minute drive. If I actually do the speed limit, that number increases signifigantly.


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